Is it safe enough for daily use?

Phentermine is a popular medication for the treatment of obesity. Diet pills can be dangerous and it is important to know Is phentermine safe for weight loss? Talk to your doctor and see if he thinks that Phentermine is the right choice for you. Here are some of the positive and negative results that can be expected from taking this medication to help you decide.

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Federal Drug Administration Approval

The FDA approved Phentermine as an appetite-suppressing medication in 1959. It is included in a group of medications known as amphetamines. It is suggested that you use this medication in conjunction with a diet as well as exercise to lose weight. After a few weeks of taking this medication, a drug tolerance will develop and the appetite suppressing benefit of the medication will be lost.

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Do Not Use if Pregnant

Is Phentermine safe for weight loss in pregnant women? No. It is not recommended for use by anyone who is currently pregnant or that is breast feeding. The drug can be transferred to the baby and cause problems for children of users. Do not take this medication if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Things to Watch for in Your Health History

If you have a history of heart disease, this product is not safe for you either. This can include, but is not limited to, coronary artery disease, heart rhythm problems, stroke, or congestive heart failure. High blood pressure, an overactive thyroid, a history of pulmonary hypertension, or glaucoma are all things that can make this an unsafe medication for you. If you have taken an MAO inhibitor in the last two weeks, make sure not to take this pill. A dangerous interaction could occur.

More Negative Interactions

If you are allergic to any other diet pills, cold medications, stimulants, or amphetamines, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to this as well. Being in an agitated state is a good reason to avoid taking this chemical. It is very important to avoid taking Phentermine is you have a history of abusing drugs or alcohol. Make sure to discuss with the prescribing doctor any allergies to FD & C Yellow No. 5 or tartazine. Kidney disease and diabetes are also factors that may provide unsafe results from the use of this medication.

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Talk to Your Doctor Immediately

Once prescribed this medication, many side-effects may occur which should be brought to your doctor’s attention. Contact them immediately if you are having trouble breathing, having chest pain, or feel like you might pass out. Taking this medication can cause pounding heartbeats or a fluttering chest. Contact a physician immediately if this medication causes you to have unusual thoughts or behavior. Hallucinations are rare, but are known to occur.

Less Serious Side-Effect to Expect

There are also many other side effects that are not as serious. It is possible for it to make you feel restless, hyperactive, or dizzy, give you headaches and tremors, or cause insomnia. Dry mouth, diarrhea, constipation, an upset stomach, and a change in your interest in sex may all occur. Trouble urinating, facial sweating, and impotence may occur as well.

There is a long list of things to talk to your doctor about to make sure that this is the right diet pill for you. Make sure to tell them about any of these issues you have so the doctor can make the best choice. Is Phentermine safe for weight loss? The answer to that question is a difficult one that depends on the patient. Talk you your doctor to find out if this is the medication for you.

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